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ALUWANI Capital Partners

Press releases


20 Apr 2018

ALUWANI Capital Partners Swaziland has opened its doors as a new player in the Swaziland asset management industry. In a market traditionall...

The storm continues - Expect a choppy ride

29 Nov 2016

Financial markets were volatile in 2015 due to fears of the impact of the first Fed hike in twelve years, with the USD strengthening against...


ALUWANI's Approach to Naspers

11 Jul 2018

Naspers continues to be topical in the broader domestic investment community given its sheer market capitalisation and weight in the various...

How vulnerable are South African bonds to a change in global financing conditions?

13 Jun 2018

Daring financial experiments continue to yield unprecedented results as the Global Foreign Investor Market brings about change, global liqu...