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ALUWANI Capital Partners

The storm continues - Expect a choppy ride

29 Nov 2016

Financial markets were volatile in 2015 due to fears of the impact of the first Fed hike in twelve years, with the USD strengthening against of backdrop of economic growth and policy divergence in developed economies. The collapse of global trade in H115 bought into sharp focus the likely impact of a slowing China on the global economy. Chinese aut...

Case for African equity

28 Nov 2016

Africa is the world’s most youthful continent, with more than 200 million people aged fifteen to twenty-five. A key investment theme for the continent therefore is increasing consumption expenditure, underpinned by a growing middle class and favourable demographics. The consumer is central to the African investment case. Other themes that take adva...

London is falling

28 Nov 2016

News this morning showed that UK people voted to leave the EU by a small margin yesterday. The result of this vote has caused havoc in global financial markets all around, with UK assets under pressure, and the GBP dropping just under 10% this morning. US bond yields dropped to the lowest level since 2012, as investors huddled for cover in lower ri...


ALUWANI Market Outlook - July 2017

08 Aug 2017

Global activity has remained decent, in the context of still accommodative monetary policy settings in developed economies. In the US, growt...

Listen to Sibusiso Mabuza on PowerFM98.7

19 May 2017

Sibusiso Mabuza founding member & CEO of ALUWANI Capital Partners by POWERFM98.7 ...